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Belonging, diversity, equity, inclusion

Why the WEBB Advisory Group

The WEBB Advisory Group is a national minority, women owned consulting group providing integrated strategy, to help our clients change workplace culture and move leadership to action. 

Our world class experts bring you results and strategies that work. Our work in leadership development, equity, diversity, inclusion, social justice, and public policy, embrace real authentic shifts in conversation to grow your leadership. 

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are both a leadership strategy and best practice.  Let us work with you to drive sustainable results, attaching executive compensation to your diversity, and inclusion strategies.   

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not programs, they are relationships that help business to meet changing client needs, and enable innovation, growth, and efficiency.  

​Our work in communities, education, public policy, business, non-profits, NGO’s and other global environments, help provide you honest reflection and structural change.

​Our work will help you identify the systemic and institutional racism in your organization through economic injustice.

We recognize the need for this work, and commit to helping you design inclusive workplaces, inclusive policy, inclusive economies, and social justice strategies that change the narrative on conversations that matter. 

​Our deliverables and outcomes while tailor made for your organization include the following:

  1.  Convene meaningful conversations about DEIAJ in your organization.

  2. Attach executive compensation to outcomes in inclusion, diversity and equity through measurable results.

  3. Identify the action step(s) for your organization that are best positioned to build a sustainable model of equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice to advance equity and organizational change.

  4. Conduct organizational assessments and environmental scans to evaluate the structure of your organization with the aim of creating a more diverse and representative entity with the capacity to move this transformative work forward.

  5. Help your organization embrace discomfort as we help you navigate the challenging and emotional work ahead.

  6. Help you leverage diversity to enhance cultural adaptability for your business

  7. Help you maintain your local identity while helping to provide global consistency for an advantage

  8. Help you to enhance your employee/leadership partnership and relationship

  9. Help you build community

  10. Help you understand that diversity, equity, and inclusion in the 21st century is a business imperative

     CURRENT PROJECTS - The Company WE Keep

  • Water For People - Global NGO Partnership on Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion.

  • Delta Dental of Colorado, Inclusion and Diversity Council Development, Environmental Analysis, Organizational Assessment, HR Policy & Procedure Review, Educational Workshop Training, Organizational Strategy.

  • IMPACT 100 Metro Denver Providing DEIA training to Board and Committee Members (Read the article about our CEO/Principal from Impact 100 MD).

  • Colorado Thought Leaders Foundation / Wise Women providing thought leadership and education on diversity, equity, and inclusion (4-Part Series).

  • Leading four state non-profit team in developing innovative approach to recruitment, hiring and retention to ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

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Our Team

Our consultants have proven track records of experience in the public, non-profit and government sector developing human capital, executive compensation and executive recruitment strategies that give you the competitive advantage.


Our Expertise

We have a proven track record of resources at our disposal.  We have years of experience in behavioral analysis, data analysis, organizational strategy, executive compensation, organizational design, public speaking, community development and engagement, and access to the top experts in the nation through our network of relationships.

Solutions That Work

We utilize evidence-based assessment tools that work for you and your organization.  From our environmental scan to our behavioral assessments, we customize solutions based on tools that fit your needs.  

"Success is an inside job.  You have within you the power to take your life, your business in a whole new direction.  And that's a brilliant glimpse of insight." - Yolanda Webb