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Our Team

Our consultants have proven track records of experience in the public, non-profit and government sector developing human capital, C-Suite Coaching, executive compensation and executive recruitment strategies that give you the competitive advantage.



Our Expertise

We have a proven track record of resources at our disposal.  We have years of experience in behavioral analysis, data analysis, organizational strategy, executive compensation, organizational design, public speaking, community development and engagement, and access to the top experts in the nation through our network of relationships.


Solutions That Work

We utilize evidence-based assessment tools that work for you and your organization.  From our environmental scan to our behavioral assessments, we customize solutions based on tools that fit your needs.  

Why the WEBB Advisory Group?

Collaboration.  Leadership.  Partnership. These are the qualities that have driven our business and that we continue to bring to each and every client we serve.


The WEBB Advisory Group is an international minority, women owned consulting group providing integrated strategy, to help our clients move leadership to action.  From C-Suite Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Executive Compensation, Training & Development, Relationship Management, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility strategies, the WEBB Advisory Group helps you "do business better."  

Our expertise helps us to provide services to a wide array of clients from the public sector to include local, and state governments, education, non-profit and not-for-profit organizations, small, medium, and large business including those in the corporate world.  


The WEBB Advisory Group provides expertise and extensive experience in human capital management and training.  We have the speed-to-mission capability through world class experts to deliver on time and on budget.  


We offer you person-centered solutions that are fully based upon your organizations culture, mission, vision, and values. We design custom made organizational assessments and environmental scans based on information collected through key informant interviews that are not off the shelf, nor cookie cutter.  

We have evolved over the years to stay on the forefront of personalized mission-driven services.  Yet, our mission to you remains the same.  We develop and innovate work environments for the future.   Through a people-centered focus on employees, customers and community, we help you "do business better."

Capabilities Statement

For each engagement, the WEBB Advisory Group works with you to develop a common understanding of your specific needs and help determine the best solution to meet them. Our customer-focused recommendations are delivered to you by our expert consulting staff, our fully vetted partners, or a blend of both. Working through a contract with timelines, deliverables, and costs, once an agreement is signed, the WEBB Advisory Group provides a single point of contact to coordinate the services in the agreement, making it easy for you to use the WEBB Advisory Group's full range of expertise. 

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The Company WE Keep

Our Work

Retained by the City-County of Denver, Colorado to provide C-Suite Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. 


In our work we guided Water For People an international nonprofit based in Denver, Colorado whose go​al is to bring water, sanitation, and hygiene services to everyone, and to make sure those solutions last forever.

We partnered with their teams in nine countries to help them bring justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion to their in-country teams who bring sustainable water and sanitation systems to their communities.  In addition to their headquarters in Denver they have teams in nine countries: Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, India, Malawi, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Retained by US based TallGrass Energy to bring unconscious bias and difficult conversations training to their field-based staff.  Trained and supported the company on "Working with Native American Tribes", and "Indigenous Cultures" in Mexico.

Led and facilitated bias training to PHILANOS Leading National Women's Giving Circle Network to the organizations leadership to help change the direction of philanthropic giving. 

The WEBB Advisory Group guided Delta Dental of Colorado, in its diversity, equity and inclusion journey with its staff in improving oral health in Colorado.   Putting their money where their mouth is and through their foundation and corporate social responsibility initiatives, they worked to help expand access to quality dental care and other health equity initiatives by providing their staff at all levels of the organization training and education to understand the tenets of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Current Projects 

  • City and County of Denver - Leadership Coaching

  • Community Council of Greater Dallas

  • Downtown Holland Michigan (Principal Shopping District)

  • IMPACT 100MD 

  • Friends General Conference - Training and Keynote Speaker - July 2022

  • TallGrass Energy - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access Training (Leadership, Employees)

  • TallGrass Energy - Training on "Working with Tribal Communities; and Working with Indigenous Cultures in Mexico.


Recent Projects

  • PHILANOS LEADING NATIONAL WOMEN'S GIVING CIRCLE NETWORK (Board Meeting - Invited Speaker on Unconscious Bias)

  • Second Wind Fund - Board Training

  • Water For People - Global NGO Partnership Training on Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion in the following countries: GUATEMALA * HONDURAS * NICARAGUA * PERU * BOLIVIA * UGANDA * RWANDA * MALAWI * INDIA

  • Next Fifty Initiative

  • Pueblo City-County Library District

  • Engineering Change Lab - Summit Speaker

  • ACG Denver (Association for Corporate Growth) Leadership DEI Training

  • Delta Dental of Colorado, Inclusion and Diversity Council Development, Environmental Analysis, Organizational Assessment, HR Policy & Procedure Review, Educational Workshop Training, Organizational Strategy.

  • IMPACT 100 Metro Denver Providing DEIA training to Board and Committee Members (Read the article about our CEO/Principal from Impact 100 MD).

  • Colorado Thought Leaders Foundation / Wise Women providing thought leadership and education on diversity, equity, and inclusion (4-Part Series).

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