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Keynote | Speaker

Author.  Advocate.  Leader. 

Yolanda is an engaging storyteller and writer.  Author of, "Lack Does Not Live Here:  The Real Secrets of Prosperous Living for Black Women," Yolanda is known as the "People Whisperer" for her ability to help shape human behavior towards our highest development.

A member of the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum, Wise Women, Webb's talks are inspiring and deeply stirring, intelligent, and compassionate.  Webb teaches us through the stories of life to use our words, our behavior and our biases to create a better world around us.   


So, let's have the difficult yet courageous conversations that shift the atmosphere.  These conversations will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and engaged. 

Expert Keynotes On 

  •  Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  •  Unconscious (Implicit) Bias  

  •  Human Behavior / Intersectionality 

  •  Executive Leadership 

  •  Inspirational/Motivational Speaking


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Speaking Engagements

Collaboration.  Leadership.  Partnership

Sought after for her inspiring keynotes, Yolanda has worked with organizational leaders and employees for more than 30 years.  From the Americans with Disabilities Act, to speaking before legislators on issues impacting our most marginalized in society, Yolanda's ability to keep her audience engaged and asking questions is what leads to change.  

Yolanda's keynote and training events can help you maximize your work environment and increase productivity and profitability.   How?  By helping you to engage your environment and allowing for space to bring your authentic self into the work environment.  

“I highly recommend The WEBB Advisory Group to any organization looking to explore or meet their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals. They understood the budgetary and staffing challenges facing a small organization like ours, but they shared in our huge passion for the work enough to come alongside us and help us meet our project goals within budget and on time.  The consultants were personable, professional, reliable, and always available to address questions or concerns. I sincerely hope we have another opportunity to work with them again in future.”


Kara de Alvare, Marketing Coordinator

Downtown Holland / Holland Farmers Market

150 West 8th Street | Holland, MI 49423 | O: 616.796.0472 | C: 616.403.3211

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