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The Full Story

At the Webb Advisory Group, we are passionate about making a meaningful impact on the community. Our heart-led consulting approach focuses on public policy, civic engagement, and corporate social responsibility. Choose us as your partner in making a difference.


The WEBB Advisory Group is a heart-led domestic and global training, public policy, and leadership development organization. Our motto, "Inspired Humans...Changing Communities is simple.  We focus on YOU.  We focus on creating strategies that help change communities through heart-led research and best practices.  


Companies of all sizes can benefit from our speaker engagements, policy research, and public discourse in Social Responsibility, Relationship Management, Executive Coaching, and Development, Organizational Design, and Strategy, and Training and Development.


Let's work together to make the world a better place through work that inspires humans and changes communities. 


Our Mission  

To innovate public and social policy, through public discourse in business, civic and philanthropic organizations in order to create a better society.

Our Purpose
Our Vision

Make A Difference. 
Change the World. 

We challenge assumptions and the status quo as we envision a society built on the greater good and that values people-first in all we do.  We work to create more sustainable communities for a better future that make a difference in the lives of people, in our community and for our planet.  

Our Values
We are proud to be able to bring our clients the best in consulting services and are passionate about helping them achieve their goals. With our unique approach, we strive to be an integral part of our clients’ success.  We value,

  • Independence and Objectivity.  We don't follow the crowd.  Our commitment is in helping individuals, communities, and organizations create environments that know the value of inclusive conversations that matter. We will act in the public interest. We will remain free to think radically and objectively, promoting training events and policies based on evidence, not opinion.

  • Authentic, authoritative, effective and influential leadership that understands that failure is a part of success. We will have the expertise to communicate and influence in order to make an impact. 

  • Inclusion and accessibility.  We value the voices of all people and the diversity of thought and ideas of the larger society around us, and respect and honor the fundamental value, dignity and rights of all human beings.

  • Openness and Transparency.  We value the differences between us and the similarities that make us human beings and recognize the culture, heritage, customs, traditions and experiences of all people.  And we will be transparent about how we are funded, who we are working with, and what research we are doing.


For each engagement, the WEBB Advisory Group works with you to develop a common understanding of your specific needs and help determine the best solution to meet them. Our customer-focused recommendations are delivered to you by our expert consulting staff, our fully vetted partners, or a blend of both. Working through a contract with timelines, deliverables, and costs, once an agreement is signed, the WEBB Advisory Group provides a single point of contact to coordinate the services in the agreement, making it easy for you to use the WEBB Advisory Group's full range of expertise. 

Read our full capabilities statement here.

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