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The WEBB Center for Social Impact

The WEBB Center for Social Impact was developed and designed from more than 50 years of lived experience as a Black Woman in America.  Focusing on domestic policy specifically, our center will provide a global worldview perspective for black and brown women from the diaspora living in America today.  

Using research data, lived experiences, and impact stories, policymakers and leaders can understand the social impacts various policies have on black and brown children and women today and tomorrow.  

In response to various incidents in our country's recent history, history mustn't repeat itself.  Therefore, the WEBB Center for Social Impact strives to provide voter information, information on issues for policymakers, information for community activists, and information for anyone who seeks to understand the social impacts of public policy on individuals and communities.


Despite the challenges faced by black and brown communities since the Civil Rights Movement in our country, and the question, “Where Do We Go From Here,” echoed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in his final book – Economic Challenges, Environmental Justice, Climate Change concerns, Workplace Inclusion, Equity and Diversity, Social Determinants of Health and Health Care, Crime, Policing, and Racial Justice issues, – policy making remains exclusively in the public sector, with a disproportionately small number of influencers.

Why Now...

Public discourse on domestic and global policy is generally restricted to those who work in these areas and tends to involve politicians, lobbyists, and a narrow circle of business, civic, and philanthropic leaders.

There are few opportunities for other voices to be heard, which has led to apathy in our democratic institutions – civic engagement and the voting process.

Civic and public policy think tanks are a prominent feature of public life especially among other ethnic groups and political parties here in the US that specialize in issue-based research.

New thinking is needed now, with new voices, and new strategies as much as, if not more than ever now. Faced with apathy in our electoral and civic engagement process, along with an educational system that is being challenged to teach the real history of black communities in the US, without a policy, social impact and civic engagement think tank to help us build a future built on research and public discourse around both domestic and global issues, progress will continue to be slow or lacking at best in major areas such as housing, homelessness, economic viability, behavioral health, aging infrastructure, climate change, the ongoing digital divide and more.

The WEBB Advisory Group and the WEBB Center for Social Impact will build a reputation for building relevant civic engagement, speakers, training, and research which will provide the basis for the activities of the WEBB Center for Social Impact.

Our Goals

It is not our intention to engage in constitutional or political debates as a part of our think tank work.  Our work is best defined as highlighting the issues that impact black and brown communities in non-partisan ways, engaging the community in civic ways to help change and sustain the community at its best, and engaging social and public policy institutions in long-term thinking for generations to come. 



Thought-provoking presentations by some of the nation's premier speakers from politics to education and more as guests to speak on subjects relevant to our work which will assist in raising our local profile to national and engaging audiences and stimulating debate; organized by the WEBB Advisory Group and the WEBB Center for Social Impact in collaboration with others.


 Blogs and Articles

As well as its website and publications, The WEBB Advisory Group will also seek other platforms to promote and distribute its outputs. Blogs and articles will allow us to draw on our commitment to the community, our civic engagement activities, our social justice platforms, and our research and expertise to provide engaging commentary on current issues.


Research/Reports/Briefing Documents

The WEBB Advisory Group and the WEBB Center for Social Impact will conduct their research. Its research will be independent, robust, and relevant.  The WEBB Advisory Group and the WEBB Center for Social Impact will also produce briefing documents and reports based on our research.

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