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Why the WEBB Advisory Group?

We Inspire Humans to Change Communities


As your "Trusted Advisors," these are the qualities that have driven our business and what we continue to bring to each client we serve.


The WEBB Advisory Group is an international minority, women owned consulting group providing integrated strategy, to help our clients move leadership to action.  Whether it's Corporate Social Responsibility, Heart-Led Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategies and Training, Executive Leadership Coaching or Organizational Design and Strategy, we have the speed-to-mission capability through world class experts to deliver on time and on budget.  

We believe in order to get to the greater good in society, it takes a stronger economy, a stronger more robust and inclusive workforce, thriving communities and a sustainable climate and environment.  This requires inspired, authentic and transparent leadership.  

We design custom made organizational assessments and environmental scans to help evaluate and evolve your leadership and culture, and we help you design a corporate social responsibility plan that can help you make an impact that matters in your community, your nation, your world. 

We have evolved over the years to stay on the forefront of personalized mission-driven services.  Yet, our mission to you remains the same.  We develop and innovate work environments for the future.   Through a people-centered focus on employees, customers and community, we help you "do business better."

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Who We Work With


Helping you understand the social determinants of health in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. These circumstances are shaped by the distribution of money, power, and resources at global, national, and local levels. Social determinants of health are responsible for health inequities – the unfair and avoidable differences in health status seen within and between communities, nations, and countries.


Many people of color, women, immigrants, people with disabilities, youth, and the LGBTQ+ communities have been denied equal voices and access to fully participate in helping to change the narrative on civic engagement and participation.  All too often their voices are silenced in conversations about government and philanthropy, from charitable giving, grantmaking, economic spending to policymaking, we are working to ensure all people have the opportunity to shape and influence the systems and policies that affect their lives.


There are hundreds of education initiatives—and an equal number of philanthropic strategies—designed to improve our educational system.  How we address the inequities in education is how we fix the problem.  We focus on strategies that close achievement gaps and provide funding where funding is really needed.



At the WEBB Advisory Group, we help you develop justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion strategies through the lens of culture, executive compensation, and performance-based outcomes to support your organization to make sustainable change.  We help you through this process with the global expertise you need to re-shape your business culture and improve your company's bottom line.   


Entrenched disparities in our laws and public policy, and in public and private institutions, have often denied equity and inclusion to individuals and communities.  We are at a crossroad and face economic, education, and health crises through a worldwide pandemic that have exposed these inequities, and the unbearable human costs of systemic racism.

Global Culture


Our approach to our global challenge’s center around  justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.  We strive to improve on the competency, compliance, dignity, organizational development, and the equitable and ethical treatment of humanity.  We seek sustainable, long-term solutions, including workforce inclusion, economic prosperity, social policy, environmental health, and ethical behavior in a safe, healthy and clean world. 

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