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"Embracing Second Acts"

And So It Goes...

Most of our first acts are filled with successes and accomplishments. We live in the first half with a daring mindset, not afraid to take chances and inviting all of life to enter.

The first act is also the time we should learn to listen to our hearts to gain strength for the second half. Yet, most of us enter that second half, kicking and screaming or crying.

Why? Well simply because we are "doing" life in the first act and not learning life. We often enter our second act because of divorce, death, and becoming empty nesters. And, whatever the cause, we now find ourselves asking, "What's next."

I started reading "Falling Upward," this week by one of my favorite authors, Fr. Richard Rohr, a Franciscan (I'll forgive him since I'm Jesuit) friar and ecumenical teacher. He's also the author of two of my favorite books, "The Universal Christ: How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope for, and Believe," and "The Wisdom Pattern: Order, Disorder, and Reorder."

Fr. Rohr says, "Most of us use the first half of life - with all its projects, goals, and striving - to discover who we were meant to be. But what do we do with this discovery? Our task in life's second half is to discover the most authentic expression of our souls, to shine forth the unique existence that God has given us, and to do so in gratitude."

Second act, third act, or encore. What we decide to do in this second half of life ultimately determines the people we are. The first half of our lives feeds our ego. They help us build the ultimate Maslow's pyramid. But, the second half is when we should enter with our egos defeated, or at the very least reduced.

The second act should bring us a peace we didn't have in the first act. Notice I said peace, not ease. Often if we are doing our second act without ego, we are pouring more into other people to build them up. That's not easy.

We may choose to work in our second, third, and encore acts, but if you are egoless in the second act, your work is about others. Your second, third, or encore act will light up your spirit every day. Here are a few tips I'm learning as I enter into my second half of life:

  1. Find a meaningful passion. I'm looking at what motivates my heart and at the heart of it all is black women, black girls. Our mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, and nieces, and the legacy I will leave for them.

  2. Start writing your autobiography even if you never publish it. Your children deserve to know your story.

  3. Work or join organizations that help change the world, one heart at a time, one community at a time. Find time for small acts of giving.

  4. Visit the library. I love libraries and books. They are so often overlooked during the second half of our lives - but a fundamental place where you can pick up new knowledge.

  5. Pick up that hobby you started early in life and put it down due to so many other priorities. For me, it's photography and I've picked my camera up again. So watch out for new photo inspirations!

  6. Dream bigger...again. Love again. Live again. Be inspired again.

  7. Move humanity forward and leave a legacy of hope.


The WEBB Advisory Group Presents

When we think of the famous Beatitudes of the bible...we think of some unattainable spiritual concept.  If we think about how we should "be" today, we can stop conforming to the world around us and think about how we can transform the world around us.  That's when we will fully understand the Sermon on the Mount.  

In our "Be" Attitudes of Inclusion, we work with you or your team to "be" transformed into inclusive leaders.  How?

By teaching you to:

"Be Aware"

"Be Available"

"Be Accepting" 

That's the "Be" Attitude of Inclusion and Leadership. 


WEBB Advisory Group

© 2024 All Rights Reserved

"Inspired (In Spirit), we live and move and have our being."

Prayer for the Week

Dear God,

As we enter the second half of our lives, help us to remember that we are not aging, we are saging. As we become elders and enter into the seasons of our lives where wisdom resides gently on our shoulders, help us to remember the blessings in our first seasons and the grace we receive and give in our second. May our journey on this road ahead be filled with blessings for those who have gone before us and those who will come after us. Amen.

“Be Attitudes of Inclusion” ©2024.

"And So It Goes..." is a weekly blog post. We welcome the voices of all people. Are you interested in writing for us? Let us know.

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