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"You Don't Have to Do the Right Thing."

------YOLANDA WEBB------ "AND SO IT GOES" The "Be Attitudes of Inclusion” ©


I have come to dislike social media sites like Twitter and Facebook because I'm tired of whining and complaining. And of humans who don't want to do the right thing in life.

When did we turn into a society of not only small-minded people but me, me, me people?

I was reading the paper today (yes, I still actually take the paper!), and a couple of articles caught my attention. One highlighted that Governor Greg Abbot of Texas just sent another busload of (migrants) people (I refuse to call them migrants since they are people), human beings looking for a better life, to Los Angeles.

There is a pun in there, as somebody might ask, "Can you find a better life in Lost Angeles?"

For me, he could have sent them to Cincinnati or Denver! Governor Abbot would still be sending a busload of people, of human beings from the state of Texas to Los Angeles as a publicity stunt. And those people's only crime is seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

Somehow that tells me that as a human species, "You don't have to do the right thing."

The other article is also related to the very humane Governor of Texas. This one is about the use of barbed wire on border crossings. This barbed wire tears the flesh of the bodies of men, women, and children. Their crime? Seeking a better life for their children.

Again, as a human species, "You don't have to do the right thing."

We arise every day and get to make choices. But who gets up in the morning and makes a purposeful decision that this will be the day that the legacy I leave my children and grandchildren will be one about my inhumanity?

Someone reading this will say, "But we have to protect our border." Or my favorite, "They can just come into the country the right way!"

To enter the US, there is no right way for black and brown people.

A CNN Article found that black immigrants are ten times more likely to be turned down for citizenship than their white counterparts seeking citizenship.

"Researchers at the University of Southern California analyzed more than 2 million citizenship applications filed by US permanent residents between October 2014 and March 2018 and found racial disparities among those whose applications were approved. Black immigrants, researchers say, have been denied citizenship more often than any other racial and ethnic group.

About 94% of White women and about 92% of White men were approved for US citizenship while Black men and women received an approval rating at or below 90%, the study shows. Black Muslim immigrants also had lower approval ratings at around 86%."

So, we must talk about this "right way."

If doing the right thing was easy, we would have an immigration system that was fair and just for all seeking refuge, asylum, and quality of life here in our wonderful country.

But states like Texas and Florida are hell-bent on not doing the right thing.

It is always interesting to me about borders and everything else. Borders are a man-made, greed-made construct.

Tell a dog, a cow, a bird, or any other animal that it needs to show papers to cross the Rio Grande...well you know how that's going to turn out.

Borders are about money. Money is about land. The land is about greed.

It's easy to say, "Do the right thing." But how is someone like Governor Abbots, right thing so different than someone else's right thing?

The answer is easy.

All things done in love, without ego, with compassion, and any monetary value associated with the choice...well that's the right thing.

The right thing is the Golden Rule.

"Do unto others as YOU would have done unto you." And so, ask yourself the question, if you were that mom or dad putting YOUR child through barbed wire to give them a better life - would you?

Would you risk your life to save the life of your child or children?

The answer is yes.

When we take race, religion, and socio-economic status, out of our unconscious thinking, and walk in the soles of another...yes, we can do the right thing.

It's the "Be Attitude" of going the extra mile. "If someone asks you to go one mile with him...go with him two."

Every morning when we rise, we get to choose the better angels of our nature... or, to choose not to do the right thing.

On this Sunday afternoon, you get to choose.

To be the best or the worst of yourself in every thought you think, every word you speak, and every action you take.

Today, you get to Be Aware.

To Be Available.

To Be Accepting.

Today, you get to do the right thing.

And So It Goes.


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"Miracles are seen in light, today let me not close my eyes."

“Be Attitudes of Inclusion” ©2023

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