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"And So It Goes..."

----Yolanda Webb ----

First Things First

Four years ago today, I took my first-ever helicopter ride. In a military Blackhawk no less. To say fear and trepidation were on my heart, well that would be an understatement.

Don't get me wrong. Riding in a helicopter has been on my bucket list since I was a kid. And on that ride, that day, I felt both the fear and the excitement. Especially since the young military man prepping the plane leaned in and whispered to me, (jokingly), "don't lean out ma'am." They actually don't leave the doors open for civilians I learned later.

But first things first. I sat there and watched all of the preparation go into getting that flight airborne.

The men and women that do this for a living every single day are always aware of the "first things first," motto of safety.

At the WEBB Advisory Group, we've started a new series of thoughtful, inclusive leadership training called the "Be" Attitudes. And yes, they are based upon the "Beatitudes" that Jesus spoke in his immortal Sermon on the Mount.

Why? Well, it's really simple. His thoughtful approach to living was about transforming and not conforming. He talked about first things first.

Jesus taught no religion or theology. As a Jew, he didn't preach Judaism. And believe it or not, Christianity didn't exist.

He taught first things first. He taught Inclusion and Equity. And he tied it in a nice little bow when he added the word 'blessed' to the attitudes. In other words, if you do these things, you will be blessed. He taught those who listened, how to "Be."

How to "Be" Aware. How to "Be" Available. How to "Be" Accepting.

Over the next few weeks, we will discuss each of these "Be" Attitudes of First Things First.

Starting today look around and ask yourself how aware of you, are you? How aware are you of what is actually going on in your own neighborhood, community or your own home. Awareness begins with an understanding of what you don't know.

Self-deception is the enemy of the "Be" Attitude of awareness. It is impossible for a person to begin to learn what he thinks he already knows. If we are going to create a more equitable and inclusive community, neighborhood, home, work environments, world, we must begin with what we don't know.

Starting today, first things first recognize that awareness, not just of the other guy, but of your own self, is freedom. Starting today, recognize first things first in you, your community, your workplace, your home.

Today, as you take on the "Be" Attitude of being aware ask yourself these questions.

What do I need to learn about being inclusive?

What am I most uncomfortable with in diverse environments?

If it all was over tomorrow, can I honestly say I was the best version of myself?

My helicopter ride ended that day with beautiful images, great conversations, and lots of learning, about myself and the wonderful veterans that have served this country.

My "Be" Aware attitude also reminded me that day that my gift is my ability to think, and use logic and reasoning to change the world.

But first things first. Buckle up, strap in, and don't lean out!

"And So It Goes..."


“Be Attitudes of Inclusion” ©2023

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