"The Mark of Great Leadership"

Building Culturally Competent Organizations Together


Our Curriculum / Educational Process


The WEBB Advisory Group partners with global thought leaders to develop research based environmental scans and cultural competence assessments to help you recognize where you are and where you want your organization to be.  Together WE can help you build business better by:


  • Acknowledging and uncovering implicit bias 

  • Having courageous culturally competent conversations

  • Identifying barriers and finding solutions

  • Meeting leadership and business challenges and change head on

  • Making real commitments with purpose and strategy

  • Recognizing that courageous leadership matters

  • Creating internal / external allies for business success

  • Developing outputs and measuring outcomes



Our approach is simple and includes authentic shifts in conversations between people, across systems, processes, and organizational structure.  Let us teach you, your leadership, your employees how to have culturally competent conversations that leverage strengths and embrace weaknesses to improve performance.  

Our 4-step educational process has 2-modules per course to help move you towards a real understanding of behavior change and is a commitment to your growth by giving you the tools to move our of your comfort zone, making this a strategy for your everyday life.  

Our Tool Kit

B.G.I.™ The Real Road to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This 4-part educational curriculum training consist of educational strategies that help you transform your business and your life.

Part 1 - Defining and clarifying your role in diversity, equity, and inclusion

Part 2 - Understanding My Personal Biases

  • Module 1 - Identifying, Acknowledging and Accepting Biases

  • Module 2 - Are You Color Blind

Part 3 - Out of My Comfort Zone - Now What?

  • Module 1 - The 7 Traits of a Real Inclusive Leader

  • Module 2 - Do This Afraid - Using Fear and Mistakes to Overcome

Part 4 - Moving Forward

  • Module 1 - Creating a Self-Actualization Roadmap

  • Module 2 - Doing the Work - Conclusion

B.G.I.™ Leadership Equity Conversations

What is your worldview?  What is your organizations worldview?  What if you could create behaviors within your environment, aligned with policies that communicate acceptance, inclusion, and competence throughout your organization.  These are the conversations that can change everything.   We give you the tools to engage in equity conversations about racism, sexism and ageism and current events that impact your workforce.  We help you set the pace, set clear expectations, acknowledge the discomfort and challenges, and incorporate all voices (even the dissenting ones).  This course is based upon results of the organizational self-assessment.

See more about our Equity Conversations here.

B.G.I.™ Cultural Competency For Teams

Inclusion, Equity and Cultural Competency are not just buzz words...they are the workplace of today and tomorrow.  Are you ready?  This targeted course focuses on inclusion, equity and cultural competency to understand  disparity and bias (including gender bias and sexual orientation), and is targeted to help you shape policy based on the needs of the cultures served, cultural communication, code switching, cultural styles and removing the barriers that divide.  This can be taught onsite or virtually.  This course is based upon results of the organizational self-assessment.

See more about our Cultural Competency for Teams here.

B.G.I. Coaching / Executive Leadership Conversations

Executive leader is responsible leadership.  Are you ready?  Preparation is key.  Get your team prepared through our learning and development executive coaching to increase leadership competency.  Let us help you increase leadership diversity in your organization by increasing your leadership diversity pipeline.

See more about our Coaching and Executive Leadership Coaching here.

B.G.I.™ Lunch and Learn

Our B.G.I. ™ Lunch and Learn events are perfect for executive leaders, women's groups or organizations, small businesses or teams who want to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion in "safe space" environments.  Join a kitchen table conversation today.

See more about our Lunch and Learn Series here.

B.G.I.™ Employment First

Be an employer who receives talented people with disabilities.  How?  We can help you design an Employment First winning strategy to create meaningful employment, fair wages, and career advancement for those with disabilties.  This course is based upon results of the organizational self-assessment. 

See more about our Employment First course here

“Ignorance of our diversity is fear. Embracing our differences is inclusion. Allowing others to be their otherness is equity.” - Yolanda