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At The WEBB Advisory Group WE Imagine a World Where Each Individual Can Soar, Where Our Common Humanity and Not Our Differences Is What Helps Shape Policy, Drives Education, And Creates Environments of Inclusion and Belonging for Everyone. 
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How To Have Difficult Conversations?

Start with Empathy & Respect

The WEBB Advisory Group 4 Step Educational Process


The Real Road to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Because we believe that equity, diversity, inclusion, and social Justice transform narratives in business, community, education, public policy, and communities, we commit to providing you with tools for honest reflection and structural change.  – But what does that mean, and what is your role in helping to reach this goal? 


Our 4-step educational process has 2-modules per course to help move you towards a real understanding of behavior change and is a commitment to your growth by giving you the tools to move out of your comfort zone, making this a strategy for your everyday life. 

Part 1

Defining and Clarifying your role in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Module 1 – I Spy with My Little Eye

How do you see the world around you?  In part 1 of this series, you will learn to discern how your really see the world around you and discover the tools you need to become culturally competent to achieve a true understanding of what diversity, equity and inclusion can look like – when we look inside ourselves first.  Click here to take our Part 1 - Module 1 e-learning course. 


Module 2 – Reflection and Introspection

Learning to listen intently to your heart can help lead to an understanding the development of racial identity in America which is the key to understanding racial justice in America.  Learn to listen to your heart and learn to have conversations about race in America.

Part 2

Understanding My Personal Biases

Module 1 – Identifying, Acknowledging and Accepting Biases

Our biases are strong, preconceived notions of someone or something, based on information we have, or perceive to have.  We all have biases.  They are subjective ways of thinking that originate from in individuals own perception or points of view.  In this session you will learn the many different types of bias that people experience…the trick is to discern your own biases and the way you perceive others. 


Module 2 – Are You Color Blind?

Quite honestly when you say, “I don’t see color,” what you are really saying is you do not see me or any BIPOC.  True allies acknowledge differences, ask questions to better understand.  You cannot fight for anything unless you know what you are fighting for.  Let us talk about race – and what scares you the most.

Part 3

Out of My Comfort Zone – Now What?

Module 1 – The 7 Traits of a Real Inclusive Leader

You know you became a leader because you are good at making the right decisions.  Basically, you are good at getting the job done through your people.  And that includes diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The problem is however that effective leadership takes the responsibility for this critical issue and doesn’t delegate it to become frozen in the middle where managers lack the decision-making authority to become a sustainable model of effective leadership.  Learn the seven-character traits of inclusive leadership to create a high performing organization.


Module 2 – Do This afraid…Using Fear and Mistakes to Overcome

In this module you will learn about the mistakes you will encounter.  The failures and how many of your own staff may walk away.  Let’s get uncomfortable to get comfortable.  Fear or Facing Everything and Rising to welcome and use the skills you have gained in implementing and building an inclusive and sustainable environment.  Its now or never and we will give you the tools to make it now.

Part 4

Moving Forward

Module 1 – Creating a Self-Actualized Roadmap

Yes, you guessed it…this is the work of Abraham Maslow, founder of humanistic psychology (I am a very practical humanist) and Maslow believed that becoming a fully formed adult meant that we put aside those things that prevented us from actualizing our purpose on the planet.  Self-actualizing means that you see the problem of any ‘ism’ in terms of a challenge that requires solutions rather than complaints or excuses.  He also viewed it as someone who was non-conforming, socially compassionate, fair, and non-discriminating.  In this module we will explore that humanistic approach for real behavioral change, real community change, real workforce change, real heart change. 


Module 2 – Doing the Work - Conclusion

In this final session we will create a contract and a roadmap for ourselves.  We will write out big visions for how we will move this work forward.  You have discovered that this work is not about programs or systems.  It is however, about dismantling ideology, and deconstructing thinking to create new environments that are inclusive, diverse, and equitable.  You are ready to the next road along the journey

Other Individual and Group Trainng Education Sessions

Coaching and Leadership Conversations

This is a 5 month course with a free month of mentoring.  So six months of coaching to get you to the best you as the leader you want to be. These courses are both Virtual and Onsite at your location.*  

Our coaching sessions include

  1. Identifying, Acknowledging and Accepting Biases

  2. Understanding Differences

  3.  Creating A Change Plan

  4. Having Cultural Converstions

  5. Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

  6. Creating A Self-Actualized Leadership Roadmap

Cultural Competency For Teams

This targeted course includes inclusion, equity and cultural competency to understand disparity and bias (including gender bias and sexual orientation), and is targeted to help you shape policy based on the needs of the cultures served, and understanding cultural communication, code switching, cultural styles and removing the barriers that divide.  This course is based upon the results of the organizational self-assessment.

This is a dynamic, interactive workshop that focues on stereotypes, our beliefs and our behavior.  In this workshop we will check our feelings at the door.  This workshop can be done onsite or virtually.

Topics include:

1.  "I did that"

2.  Unconscious Bias / Code Switching

3.  What is Privilege

4.  "I Spy With My Little Eye"

5.   Behavior as Communication

6.  "But I can empathize!"

Leadership Equity Conversations

This is a senior leadership only conversation.


We give you the tools to engage in equity conversations about healthcare, education, employment, wages , policing and current events. 


We help you set the pace, set clear expectations, acknowledge the discomfort and challenges, incorporate all voices (including the dissenting voices) in your team meetings. 


This course is based upon the results of the environmental scan.


Topics include:

1. The State of Black America 2021

2.  Confronting Unconscious Bias 

3.  7 Traits of Inclusive Leadership

4.  Conflict Management

Employment First

Be an employer who receives talented people with disabilities.  How?  We can help you design an Employment First winning strategy to create meaningful employment, fair wages and career advancement for those with disabilties. 


This course is based upon results of the organizational environmental scan

Let us help you understand the ADA and other disaiblity compliance issues for a winning and inclusive environment.

Lunch & Learn 

Our Lunch and Learn events are perfect for executive leaders, women's  groups or organizations, small business or teams who want to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion in "safe space" environments.  Join a kitchen table conversation today.  These can be held onsite or virtually.  

What you will learn:

1.  How to be an ally

2.  DEI Terminology

3.  Racial / Social Justice next steps

4.  Creating a personal DEI mission / vision. 

These are made for groups of no more than 10.  

"It takes courage to admit our mistakes.  Courage isn't the absence of fear - that's ignorance.  Courage is looking fear in the face and saying, 'today I will embrace a better way.'" - Yolanda